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Kewujudan mahkluk-makhluk ghaib sememangnya diakui oleh semua masyarakat di dunia ini. Malah di dalam al-Quran sendiri banyak menceriatkan tentang kewujudan makhluk-makhluk ghaib ini. Kewujudan makhluk-mahkluk ini kadang-kadang di kenali dengan nama-nama yang berlainan  mengikut kepercayaan setiap masyarakat. Namun bagi mereka yang beragama Islam percaya kewujudan makhluk-makhluk  ghaib merupakan satu tuntutan tapi jangan sehingga sampai syirik kepada Allah. Jom baca cerita di bawah...

There are among us deny the existence of natural mystery and mystique. No less that it is superstition and should not be trusted. Apply for the people of the District of Kulim Kedah, the discovery of headless bodies of three siblings a few years ago, leaving them as incarnations of the board without a head is often found standing in the street, when by the middle of the night, especially during rainy seasons. There are also residents who have seen the board in the morning, especially those working in rubber plantations. A rubber tappers, En.Abu Hassan Ismail who live in the Apply since 54 years ago said, only those who had met with the board's only going to believe its existence.According to him, until now, many people have seen and some of them have a fever due to shock. "Around 2007 and 2008, the population was shocked by the discovery of headless bodies of three siblings in a rubber estate. They believed killed elsewhere and their bodies were dumped here" "After the incident occurred, the residents there, especially rubber tappers who worked out as early as 4 am, saw the head of the board without standing on the fence of the farm or in the street. Since the passage of the river Apply Tengas said berpuaka" said En. Abu Hassan Meanwhile, a fan of birds that often go into the nearby forests, says he also met the board at about 12 noon. While being engrossed mengunggu, the bird suddenly turns into the wild as bait. Being in amazement, he felt chills, and if no one is watching. When he looked back, the board was not headed in the back. In addition, the mystery is also very accident-prone. Motorcyclists, car drivers, lorry drivers and even trailers are also reported frequently crashed because the board is trying to avoid being headed across the street. The members of the police from the police beat Apply frequently to patrol the area, also expressed very scary, especially when it comes on top of the hill.

Credit from : Kedah 2u 

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