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Keadaan semasa politik dalam negara semakin hari semakin mencabar kerana adanya anasir-anasir yang semakin galak memburuk dan memandang rendah negara sendiri dari segi undang-undang nya,ekonominya. Pendek kata apa sahaja yang dilakukan oleh kerajaan hari ini semuanya buruk pada kaca mata mereka.

Isu terkini yang amat menjelekkan ialah isu ulasan penghinaan lagu negaraku oleh seorang cina DAP. Ikuti ulasan di bawah tapi dalam bahasa Inggeris.

@chongcheingjen you fit all the definitions of utter SHAME, DISGRACE AND ABSOLUTE RIDICULOUS

Someone used to ask me why I used to write that I hate DAP to "every finest of my bones". Many profound reasons actually, from Khalimah Allah, Murtad Cases, not to mention all the mockeries that they did of what makes Malaysian of who we are PLUS the latest one, attached comments from Chong Cheing Jen.

As a member of Malaysian Parliament and the leader of Sarawak State Opposition, I surely expect more from a person of your statue; UNfortunately you prove me WRONG!

You can hate the ruling party ALL you want, I for one, dont give a shit on that; but to show disrespect to the sanctity of Malaysia; in this incident by making the mokery of people who stand up to show respect to Negaraku (regardless occasions) top the very worst definition of DISRESPECT AND SOUND VERY SILLY.

You compared it to Cummunist Mao era, which even perplex me more. Not only communists show respect to the flags and national anthem, but almost if not all nationals. AND IM SURE YOU DO STAND UP FOR YOUR DAP SONG!

If school boys in southern Thai could stop from playing football, and stand up for national anthem when ever they hear it being played; you should be ashamed to call yourself a member of Malaysian Parliament. Its not the question of occassion or location!

When you further said "Next would be before dinner, before bedtime and before S" is really unwarranted and uncalled for! Do you really believe it would be case? Or you intent to just mock this to lowest level. ... "before S"?... What S here? Come on Chong Cheing Jen.... this is TOO MUCH!.

If everything about this country is not to your liking, worst still mock it to the lowest level possible, I would sincerely ask you to do the honourable... leave this 'not-good, ridiculous, MAO era' like country. You do not need to be miserable here....

Saiful Zaini Mohd Bokhari

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